Hi! I’m Bethany and that handsome Scottish Hunk next to me is my husband, and second shooter, Allan. That’s an old photo, but I love it. It’s the day we both “fell” for each other. It’s just a snapshot, but I’m lucky to have a photo of us that day at all (Story Behind it Here).

When we got married many, many moons ago, we had a small affair. As in, $300, a minister and two witnesses small. We had no photos, no wedding dress and worst of all, NO CAKE! We figured after a few years we’d have the whole big party and invite our family and friends from all over. Eleven years later and I’ve still never had a piece of my own wedding cake! That’s OK though, just leaves room to enjoy YOUR wedding cake!

In all seriousness though, I love weddings. I love the excitement, the joy and even the chaos, yes chaos. I my favorite part though, is the peaceful calm that comes to a couple after the vows are read, and the paper signed and it sinks in. You’re MARRIED!

It is always an honor to be a part of it all and know that I am helping you capture those moments forever. Memories fade over time, but you will alway be able to look back on your photos and immediately be transported back into those quiet tender moments after your ceremony.

So lets get a cup of coffee and chat about all your ideas and dreams for your once in a lifetime day!